How To Call Someone That Doesn’t Have FooTalk

You can use the FooTalk app to call other FooTalk users for free. But did you know that you can also call friends who haven’t got the FooTalk app?

Calling people that haven’t got FooTalk

Sometimes when you try to make a free call someone, you may find they are unavailable. This could be due to the person you are calling not having a data connection (Wi-Fi/3G or 4G) at the time you called. Alternatively, you may wish to call someone that you know doesn’t have FooTalk – maybe they don’t have an iOS device or Android phone.

But don’t worry, because there is a solution. With FooTalk, you can always reach the person you want to call by calling the person direct to their number, at really low rates. This calls their actual number instead of via their data connection, and you can see instanly how much you will be charged per minute from your FooTalk balance.

Simply tap the black Call button on the contact detail screen. You can see on this button what the call rate will be.

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