How To Check Call Rates with FooTalk for iOS

FooTalk not only enables you to make free calls to other FooTalk users, but you can also call any other numbers at crazily low call rates! In fact FooTalk has some of the lowest rates available, and you can check them all directly within the app. Here’s how.

Open the call rates screen

You can find the Call Rates screen on the main menu, accessed from the home screen by swiping your screen from left to right, or tapping the menu icon in the top left of the screen.

Simply tap Call Rates as shown on the right, and you will be presented with the screen below.

FooTalk Call Rates Screen

From this screen you can access call rates for any country. Scroll through the list of countries until you reach the country you’d like to know the call rate for, and tap it. You will then see the FooTalk call rates for that country.

Want to view the call rates in a different currency? Just tap the Currency button to select a different currency for viewing the call rates. Then tap Update.

Please note, changing this setting will only change the currency you view call rates in. FooTalk charges in your chosen purchase currency, and this cannot be changed.

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