Person Can’t Hear You? Enable iOS7 Microphone Setting

Have you recently updated to iOS7? Is the person you are calling unable to hear you? Ensure that you give FooTalk permission to use your microphone! Here’s how.

Enable the Microphone for FooTalk

If you find that the person you are calling can’t hear you, this may be due to the iOS7 microphone setting introduced by Apple.

After upgrading to iOS7, the first time you make a FooTalk call you should see a request asking you to grant FooTalk access to use your microphone. Please ensure you enable this, otherwise your microphone will not work through FooTalk, and the person you are calling will not be able to hear you.

If you later find that you are experiencing one way audio, then please check the microphone settings by going to:

Settings –> Privacy –> Microphone –> FooTalk on/off“. Ensure this is switched to On.


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