How To Make Free Calls Using FooTalk for iOS

You can use the FooTalk app to call other FooTalk users for free. And you can also call your Facebook friends for free if they have the app installed!

Step 1 – Choose Your Contact

FooTalk enables you to make free calls to other FooTalk users. So if any of your contacts are on FooTalk, the app will show you that you can call them for free, with a small orange ‘foo’ icon next to their name.

To call a Close one, simply tap their image from the Close Ones bar on the home screen of the app. Alternatively, if you wish to call someone that you haven’t yet put in your close ones, you can tap the Contacts icon in the top right hand corner of the screen. You will see a list of all the contacts on your phone, with those users that have FooTalk installed listed at the top.

Choose the contact you wish to call, and as long as they have FooTalk installed, you will be able to call them for free! (Please note: this will depend on whether the person you are calling has a data connection i.e. they are connected to Wi-Fi or have a 3G/4G signal).

Don’t forget, if the person you wish to call doesn’t have a data connection, you can still call them directly using FooTalk, at really low rates.

Step 2 – Tap the Free call button

Once you have tapped the contact you wish to call, you will be presented with the contact detail screen. From here you can see any messaging conversations you currently have with the contact, and also call buttons.

If they are a FooTalker, then you will see an orange Free Call button. You will also see a black call button which enables you to call the person when they either don’t have a data connection, or they aren’t on FooTalk.

Once you have tapped the Free call button, the in-call screen will appear, showing your call is being set up. Notice the white box on the screen that shows you are making a free call.

Step 3 – If they can’t be reached

Sometimes when you try to make a free call someone, you may find they are unavailable. This could be due to the person you are calling not having a data connection (Wi-Fi/3G or 4G) at the time you called.

But don’t worry, because there is a solution. With FooTalk, you can always reach the person you want to call. When FooTalk is unable to reach the person you are trying to call, you are presented with some options. You can either try again or call the person direct to their number, at really low rates. This calls their actual number instead of via their data connection, and you can see instanly how much you will be charged per minute from your FooTalk balance.

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